Biphobia, Bisexuality, Angelina Jolie

The fencesitters? Suspicions still haunt the bi/homo divide
by Cheryl Dobinson, creator of "The Fence" (a bi women's zine)

Great quote from article (IMHO):
She (Sharon Larade, lesbian) thinks that part of the reason for negativity and skepticism about bisexuality is people's internalized homophobia.

"It's like when straight people encounter gay people and then get insecure and have to show they aren't gay by being homophobic," says Larade. "There is an exclusionary hierarchy, where gay and lesbian is 'more pure.'

"We all have a responsibility to educate and inform ourselves and each other and to push each other a bit around this," says Larade.

She doesn't think that bisexuals should be the ones who have to make it happen. Cultivating an openness and acceptance across the gay/bi divide is all our of work.

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thefayth said...

from MIKE: Speaking of agendas (and their absurdity) I noticed your flickr account had some picture with some kind of proof that google is anti-bisexuality or has some agenda, the evidence being that they didn't have "bisexuality" in their dictionary. Because I always find this stuff so fascinating, I had to go check it myself, and I verified your result. So the obvious next questions "are they missing other things?" and "do they have other bisexuality related terms?" I couldn't find any other sexuality related terms they were missing. Unfortunately, they DO have the word bisexual. This kind of puts a damper on your uh, enthusiasm. Yes, I know, you're not trying to work in the realm of fact or reasonableness so I don't know why I try, but I thought I'd bring it to your attention.