Zombies 4 Healthcare Reform, Next Rally 08/29/09, Noon @ LA Federal Bldg

Zombies4HealthcareReform (by _Faith)
My favorite moment was when you came over to our side near the end, and walk up with your flesh rotting off, and you dropped character and start talking about your grandfather to the other side. LOL! They were Faith-bergasted! - Zombie 4 Healthcare Participant
Max-Goldberg-Zombie-4-Healthcare-Reform2 (by _Faith)

We set out to make a small statement, on the stagnation that was becoming the national health care debate. We learned much more about ourselves, the opposition and skin itself. The next rally will be on August 29th, 2009 at the LA Federal Building in Westwood (Wilshire & Veteran) at 12 Noon.

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max-goldberg-gets-zombied (by _Faith)
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Hannah said...

A friend of mine and I are organizing a couple of Zombies for Health Care Reform rallies, in Salt Lake City and Denver. We thought it was our idea! How funny. Would you mind if we steal the "Use your brains or I will" sign?

Faith Cheltenham said...

Sure! That was a sign made by comedian Max Goldberg, drop us a photo of your event if you get a chance. Max is over at and I'm at More photos from the 2nd Zombies 4 Healthcare Refrom at

Also there's a guy who did one in Eugene, OR but as far as we know the LA one in August was the first but it's an idea that makes a lot of sense! Add me on facebook and I'll introduce you to other Z4HR organizers!